IWD: International Women's Day :-> Celebrating Women in Tech

GDG Fremont
Sun, Apr 14, 2019, 2:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

IWD is a large, community-run event that offers speaker sessions on Technology and Professional & Personal Development. It is an event that is targeted at developers and tech enthusiasts who are powered by a shared belief that when we come together to exchange ideas amazing things can happen. The speakers will be women and non-binary people in tech who want to inspire, educate and connect!

International Women's Day is an important moment to recognize how women have influenced the tech industry and beyond.

A day full of inspirational talks, workshops and codelabs.

Speakers and agenda :-

Talks (2:15 P.m- 4:15 P.m) ( 3 talks Half an hour each)
#NoFakeNews Workshop (2.15 P.m-3:45 P.m)
Build Actions for the Google Assistant :- Actions on Google CodeLabs (2:15 P.m - 4:15 P.m)

Cake Cutting/Food/Networking : 3:30p.m -5:00p.m

Speaker's List

Liliana Chiou (Director of Engineering and Solutions at CSU East Bay)

Experienced transformational IT Director, solutions-driven technology leader, technical architect with excellent IT management and communication skills. Vast in research and development, data analysis, team mentoring, and strategic planning. Exceptional leadership capability and Information Technology expertise to plan and lead a series of IT development initiatives, determined to implement earned skills for the rapid growth of the prospective organization.

Gnana Lakshmi T C (Gyan)

She is the Leadership Fellow for Blockchain at Women Who Code. She is responsible for leading and managing the Blockchain community for WWCode across the globe. With over 6+ years of experience as a Software Developer in the corporate industry, Gyan is extremely passionate about women in technology and has been leading the Bangalore network of Women Who Code for 2+ years. She has conducted several meetups and has given several tech talks on varied technology topics like Blockchain and Machine Learning. She is also a very hands-on coder and loves working on emerging technologies.

Patricia Diaz (LX Researcher)

"I like to think of the world not only as it is but as it could be. I've studied the learning process from all possible perspectives: from the molecular events that allow for neural plasticity to the behavioral and organizational aspects of it. With that knowledge, I use emergent technologies to design tools and environments that enhance learning. I thrive at distilling research and strategizing to translate findings into real-world solutions that work at scale."

Gaytri Khandelwal (Technical Sales Lead @Salesforce | Chapter Director @Startup Grind)

She is an engineer by education is passionate about how the new technologies are leading the new revenue opportunities & business models. She is a technical sales leader at Salesforce and helps customers realize their connected customer experience vision by leveraging Cloud/IOT/AI solutions. She runs a Startup Grind chapter for the city of Fremont. She is board member at a non-profit (National Association of Mental Illness) and an angel investor/advisor to early-stage startups. She spent 20 years leading large-scale business transformations and driving customer success at Cisco, General Electric, Unilever and many others. Holds Engineering degree from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and executive certifications from top institutions. A firm believer of living a healthy & happy life, giving back to the community, and promoting technology startups.

Nittia Chavez Henry (Talent Development & Growth Intern)
Driven and dedicated to achieving all short and long-term goals. Using my excellent communication skills, I have proven to be a good collaborator who is flexible and adaptable. Currently, I am at Quantcast as a Talent Development and Growth Intern as well as a Project Management trainee for a Year Up, a year-long intensive career and technical training program