Building your own self-driving car and creating conversational agents

GDG Fremont
Thu, Oct 12, 2017, 7:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Opening talk:
Building my first conversational agent.

API.AI is a Google-owned service that helps developers build conversational experiences for different platforms. It simplifies designing your own natural language bot. I’ll share my experience on using API. AI to create a conversational agent who helped users decide what meals they wanted to prepare, and guide them through the recipe.

Main talk:
Getting acquainted with neural networks by building a 1/12 scale self driving car.

The self-driving car project is an educational hardware kit meant to be a hands on way to learn about neural networks and how self driving cars work. We’ll cover how to set up the hardware and how images are processed by the ‘car’ with a 9-layer convolution network (tensorflow + keras).

Daniel Goncharov is the co-founder of ZeGoBeast Robotics, an EdTech company. He got his degree in Applied Math & Software Engineering in Russia, and loves to develop with hardware. He’s spent the last 6 months developing the self-driving car kit project with a few 42 students.