GDG Eloued
Wed, Nov 20, 2019, 9:00 AM (CET)

About this event

GDG ELOUED is proud to announce that its first event as first experience as DevFest Eloued is now available! DevFest Eloued will be two-days: mornings conferences and study-jams & workshops afternoons all about Computer science and programming developing.......recent technologies in the heart of the world.


Be aware about our first draft of Agenda will contain:
Morning:(Conference--- Presentations)

--Introduction on Cloud Computing and Security Cloud Computing;
--IOT (Introduction of Internet Off Things) and its applications;
--Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning;
-- Google products ( flutters, Tensorflow and Google Assistant).

Afternoons:( study-jams & workshops)
-- beginner level: Deep to develop neuronal network till how to use tensorflow and understand it's codelab.
--- beginner level : Cloud computing
And how to athentify security in cloud

DevFest Eloued2019 will be a great success!
Make sure you don't miss the event submission and get in touch with the community GDG Eloued.