Neurodiversity as a Superpower in the Tech World

GDG Edinburgh
Sat, Jul 22, 9:00 AM (BST)

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About this event

We are inviting you to join our "Neurodiversity as a Superpower in the Tech World" event to hear unique stories, insights, groundbreaking research and innovative ideas! 💡

Our event aims to celebrate the diverse talents and strengths that neurodivergent individuals bring to the tech world. We believe that neurodiversity is not just a difference to be accommodated but a superpower that fuels innovation, creativity, and success.

🌐 Event tracks include:

1️⃣ Tech4Good: Technology Changing Lives of Neurodivergent People

2️⃣ My Superpower Story

3️⃣ Neurodivergent Futures and Empowerment

4️⃣ Neurodiversity at the Workplace 

Check out our talks and speakers here:

Be part of a transformative event that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the limitless possibilities that neurodivergent individuals bring to our industry. Let’s challenge preconceptions and contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic tech industry.

Together, let's foster an environment where neurodiversity is celebrated as a superpower, unlocking boundless creativity and innovation.



  • Shukang Guo

    Shukang Guo

    WTM Ambassador