Flutter–Interact 2019

GDG Ebolowa
Sat, Jan 18, 2020, 1:00 PM (WAT)

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About this event

Flutter is an app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity apps for iOS, Android, and web (tech preview) from a single codebase.

The goal is to enable developers to deliver high-performance apps that feel natural on different platforms. We embrace differences in scrolling behaviors, typography, icons, and more.

What are some advantages of Flutter? It helps you:

1- Be highly productive :
-->Develop for iOS and Android from a single codebase;
-->Do more with less code, even on a single OS, with a modern, expressive language and a declarative approach;
-->Prototype and iterate easily
****>Experiment by changing code and reloading as your app runs (with hot reload)
****>Fix crashes and continue debugging from where the app left off
2- Create beautiful, highly-customized user experiences:
-->Benefit from a rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets built using Flutter’s own framework;
-->Realize custom, beautiful, brand-driven designs, without the limitations of OEM widget sets;
Why Flutter-Interact ?

We’ll showcase the latest from Google Design and Flutter, Google’s free and open source UI toolkit to build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop - all from a single codebase.