GDG Dublin - November 2015 meeting

GDG Dublin
Tue, Nov 24, 2015, 6:30 PM (GMT)

About this event

Join us for a great evening. We'll start by some networking and pizzas then we'll have the following talks: 
-Jasmin Ghoul (Google) will be talking about the new EMEA App Hub.
Google’s international headquarters in Dublin is the growth engine for small businesses across (EMEA) Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With mobile devices transforming the way we live, play and work, the AppHub helps app developers from across the region to grow their businesses. 
The diversity of app products and services available can sometimes be daunting for new small and medium developers. The AppHub brings together Google experts from each product category, providing virtual and face to face consultations to help developers to become the next big thing.
Jasmin will present on Google's approach to helping thriving appsters develop, engage and earn with their business.

-Aibhen and Jake (13 and 11 years old app developers!) will present their road safety app, called TelApath and get help for some of it. The app is to warn all rural road users both pedestrian and drivers, about each other. They plan to develop the technology further for use in other areas in the future but are starting by getting this app launched first.

-Doug Sillars (AT&T)
Bad implementations of good ideas: How systemic inattention to performance can kill your mobile app
It seems like common sense: apps that crash are used less than apps that run as expected. Therefore, development resources are often committed to reducing app crashes to improve engagement. However, these same apps often launch without any attention paid to app performance. Recent research shows that customer reaction to slow application performance is similar to crashes: uninstalls, bad reviews, and one-star ratings.
In this talk, Doug will look at several top mobile applications and how poorly implemented features with no consideration for performance led to outages, customer complaints, and low engagement. Through our analysis of applications and by helping development teams raise awareness of performance impacts, these applications have improved their performance – delighting customers with faster applications that do not kill their battery, their data plan, or their patience.
Doug Sillars is a leader in the mobile performance community, focusing on helping developers improve the speed and performance of mobile websites and applications. Doug has presented AT&T’s award winning performance tools at developer conferences around the world. A member of the AT&T Developer Program for the last 11 years, Doug is the technical lead on the performance outreach team. He is the author of O'Reilly's "High Performance Android Apps". In his spare time, Doug enjoys playing soccer with his wife and three children, shooing the muddy dogs off the sofa, and taking care of the various bunnies, chickens and furry goats that they keep on a small farm outside of Seattle.

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