GDG Dublin - July 2019 - Kotlin/Everywhere

GDG Dublin
Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 6:00 PM (IST)

About this event

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This month GDG Dublin is taking part in the international Kotlin/Everywhere series!

Our line-up:

"Kotlin Cross Platform" - Justin Slade

This talk shows how Kotlin could be used to share code between Android and iOS project

"Testing Android apps with Kotlin" - Wolfram Rittmeyer

As a long time Android developer I have struggled with all kinds of tests libs. And, to be honest, I never did TDD on Android. Then, due to writing voice apps with JS, I learned to love TDD with the JavaScript frameworks. Of course, I wanted to have the same experience on Android.

Which - luckily - is possible with KotlinTest. KotlinTest brings all the features necessary to make a well-structured test suite that can really act as the spec for an app.

I very much prefer pure unit tests, but some UI tests are still needed. Alas, KotlinTest is not yet available for these. But there's no need to deapir. Using the robot pattern those are not as bad as they used to be. Though they are still slow :-)

This talk concentrates on enabling you to write maintainable tests that guide the development of your Android app.

"Dependency injection from zero to hero with Koin" Arnaud Giuliani

Koin ( is a pragmatic dependency injection framework for Kotlin/Android developers. Let's see how it will make your life easier thanks to the power of Kotlin language: from basics to the setup of Android architecture's components, without forgetting the testing part... And of course, how to migrate your "old" Dagger project.
At the menu also, the presentation of the new 2.0 release and some advanced APIs!