GDG Dublin - July 2018

GDG Dublin
Tue, Jul 31, 2018, 6:30 PM (IST)

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(doors open at 6pm, food at 6.30pm, and first talk at 7pm)

"Android Architecture Components- ViewModel, LiveData and Lifecycles" - Henna Singh (Google Developer Challenge Scholar for Android Development Nanodegree)

With architecture guidelines being released at Google I/O 2018 with Android Jetpack and its stable version released. this talk will focus on how MVVM pattern helps

Structuring your app in a way that is robust, testable, and maintainable
Automatically manage activity and fragment lifecycles to avoid memory leaks
Persists Java objects to an SQLite database
The talk will briefly share experiences about google android scholarships in collaboration with Udacity and how that enabled meeting like-minded people across EMEA.

“UI design for an ageing population” - Elenia Carrasco (M.Sc Interactive Digital Media Student - Trinity College)

Smartphones have turned into an important device in people’s everyday life, facilitating many activities like monitoring health or socializing with others. In fact, many senior citizens today use their phones as an assistive technology through their mobile applications. Considering this use of mobile devices by older people, and most importantly that the global population is rapidly ageing, it is now more relevant than ever to design mobile interfaces that focuses on their needs. Such needs relate to certain changes that people face while ageing, which have an impact on how they interact with a mobile device. However, most of the mobile interfaces are not designed optimally for older people. To address this, some usability and accessibility guidelines for older people have been suggested. But, there is no evaluation on how and to what extent the industry is implementing these guidelines, which will be the focus of this talk.

"Why Blockchain Companies Needs UX Design" - Luana Calvancati (UX/UI Designer @ TradeIX)

In a 2017 study on “Trust in Technology”, covering 12,000 people across 11 countries, the HSBC found that 80% of people had never heard of or don’t know what blockchain or distributed ledgers are. In fact, among specific technologies asked about, blockchain was the one least heard about.
What is commonly observed is that the technical jargon deters many from signing up.
Blockchain advancements is financially affecting a great citizens in both underdeveloped and developed nations, and are already doing so through cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts.
Smart Contracts, which run decentralized applications, democratize industries like the music and energy sectors and the user research carried around the user needs and behavior plays an important part when you need to translate an emerging technology (blockchain), with its own terminology and specificities to the users “language”.