GDG Dublin - July 2017

GDG Dublin
Tue, Jul 25, 2017, 6:30 PM (IST)

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Movie Night with TensorFlow by Maurice Gavin
AI first is as hot a topic today as mobile first was in the late 2000’s. Startups, businesses, and developers are releasing fantastic applications each week which is driven by machine learning.
In this session, we’ll give an overview of the technology and explore a quirky use case that should not only inspire you to try it out for yourself but also tackle that age old question of “what should I watch on t.v. tonight? 

Playful apps by Raul Portales People use the apps they enjoy using. Once you are done with a solid app and smooth UX, what's next? The next step is Playful design, a games industry term meaning "delight the user". In this talk you can learn the best practices from a Google Developer Expert on how to get the maximum feedback for the minimum input. Playful design is meaningful animation and transitions as presented in material design, but it is also much more. With the standard animation framework you can add Playful design all the way back to ICS (minSdk=14). Disclaimer: the devil is in the details; make your users happier at the subconscious level and they will be your best marketing assets. 

Givebox by Gianfranco Palumbo How Givebox developed Android and iOS mobile apps to give things away and make others happy. 

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