GDG Dublin - January 2019 - Kotlin

GDG Dublin
Tue, Jan 29, 2019, 6:30 PM (GMT)

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Time to deep dive into Kotlin!
(doors open at 6pm, food at 6.30pm, and first talk at 7pm)

"A seamless journey into the awesome world of Kotlin!" - Tomâs Hanley (Senior Software Engineer,Toast Inc. & Organiser of the Dublin Kotlin Meetup)

"Kotlin DSL & Gradle 5.0" - Justin Slade (Mobile Application Architect, VHI)

"Demystifying Coroutines" - Eamonn Boyle (Software Trainer, Instil Software)

Coroutines are the official solution for tackling asynchronous programming and parallelism in Kotlin. They reached maturity in the latest release but have been widespread for some time, especially within Android projects. Coroutines are an elegant solution which can be applied in isolation or used as a foundation for other frameworks. This talk will provide a simple and definitive picture of how coroutines work, both in terms of the underlying theory and practical examples.