DevFest 2020: Diversity & Inclusion Hackathon

GDG Dhaka
Oct 10 - 27, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+6)

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About this event

Businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations worldwide are working to remove the countless barriers that currently exist for people of diverse backgrounds. DevFest 2020: Diversity & Inclusion Hackathon highly effective way to raise awareness and cultivate new tech talent.

How the Hackathon will look like?

Call for Submission: GDG Dhaka will ask participants from all around the country to submit their ideas. 

What will be the minimum criteria of the product/idea:

- Build on any Google technology

- The idea/product will raise awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion

The deadline for submission will be 16th October 2020.

Participants will be shortlisted for final judgment.

22 October: Top 10 finalists will be selected

25th October: All the selected participants will present their idea and product in front of the judges that include the Google DevRel team and local experts and stakeholders.

The result will be announced by 27th October

Form Open for Submission: 25th September

Session 1, October 3, 2020: The program will start by one call for submission Live events where GDG organizers invite participants to submit their ideas and share how to apply. There will be a followup session on "Diversity & Inclusion".

Session 2, October 13, 2020: "Machine Learning Basics" hands-on coding"

Session 3, October 14, 2020: "Building a Conversational AI Assistant"

DevFest Gala Program:

Session 3, October 16, 2020: 

- Introduction of GDG Community 

-Introduction of DevFest 2020: Diversity & Inclusion Hackathon

- Building Scalable System with GO

- TensorFlow: Digit recognition from android app

- "Getting Started with Machine Learning for Mobile Developers" Session by Google Speaker 

- Panel: Women in STEM, The scenario of women in the ICT industry of Bangladesh

- Machine Learning Design Patterns

After the Gala program, the submission will be closed.

The Top 3 winning teams will receive Grant/Free Access to Google Course/ Promotional Credits and receive mentorship support from GDG Dhaka.