Custom Flutter Animation: Intro and Case Study

Tech talk by community member about Flutter animations

Sep 13, 2022, 6:00 – 6:45 PM


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Description: In order to start creating an app for the butterfly pavilion, I wanted to create an intro to the app which showed a butterfly flapping its wings in a realistic way. But I could not find an example of this in all the flutter animations I looked at. So this presentation takes a look at my journey as I tried to make this happen and the challenges that I encountered with respect to the flutter language.

Speaker Bio:

Michael is a front and back end developer who is very interested in exploring the Flutter ecosystem. Michael sees Flutter as a fun and reasonable next step to the needs of the front end technical machine. Michael would like to learn and teach Flutter in an industrial setting. He has a history of exploring technologies and sharing the best of those with those around him.


  • Michael Fons


  • Mark S


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