Build Your Career

GDG Delta University
Sun, Feb 3, 2019, 12:00 PM (EET)

About this event

"Technology is currently in control of the life of a large and not a field of work is currently required to have information on technology and friendly point ... Study is a key factor but the labor market is the most important factor and here we decided to help you"

People are two types .. Successful and successful "Kho Eli Bisai and Baidor on everything strengthens and succeeds with his future and the failure is always to Pishtaki of everything without a major thing and characterized by .. But now you need to know that you are successful and start to know everything New
If you are stable on your field of study and work in it, or even if you want to change your place and begin to adopt Carrek in a second field, and know how to start your own work from scratch ..., whether it has to do with technology or .., make sure you Get the most out of the avant ....

In short, we are all you need in order to move from the study stage to the stage of the labor market and to achieve yourself and remain a pioneer in your field. We have recruited a group of the best lecturers in Egypt in the most important fields from the first academic year. To the extent that your job was established or settled in your field .. But we do not know you the most important thing is the Freelance and how to start it ..

The Ivent is a four-part key:
First: Technology and its relationship to the labor market.
Second: Carriers "Here you know what arguments you need to begin planning for your work"
Third: Entrepreneurship "In the section Da Htai learn how to start a special start pick and compete in the market"
Fourth: It is special for the mic and here you will surprise them.

Of course, Lisa in the details of a lot follow us as you know it, but in a very important part of the event Hikon after the sessions and workshops, we need to follow us as you know him

We will be holding you for two days at the Engineers Union in Kafr El-Sheikh in the first week of February ...

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