CYT: Choose Your Tech 2020

GDG Damanhour
Sat, Feb 1, 2020, 12:00 PM (EET)

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We host an amazing event about some tech concepts and tools.

You can know more about AI (Artificial Intelligence), what can the machine do, how can we make it learns, what's the latest news in it and absolutely what is the road map for everyone wants to learn it? All theses questions and more will be answered in our CYT!

Many people heard about Flutter and its magic, yes, it's an amazing tool that can help you build Android, IOS, web, desktop and soon it will be available for embedded devices! That's really amazing, but that's not enough! There're more and more features that you will know about it especially after the latest updates.

You might not heard about DevOps but now that's your chance, you can know more about it and how it can combine software development and information technology operations!

Our creative talk will be about UI & UX. They're the people who can design user interfaces and make a good user experience in many platforms like mobile app, websites and so on. There're many tools to make an amazing design. You will know more with us.

Lastly, this talk for everyone wants to build his personal website or for his company or startup, you should learn more about Web Technologies! You should learn more about websites, front-end, back-end and so on. So, that's an important talk in our event!

In CYT 2020, we will give you a very good talks about the most important 5 topics!

We're waiting you in Feb 1, 2019 in Golden co-working space in Orabi street (above molokhia resturant, 7th floor) at 12:00 pm (afternoon).

See you there.

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