Holiday Social + Lightning Talks

GDG Dallas
Wed, Dec 19, 2018, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Come on out to our annual holiday social! We're going to start with some lightning talks, and then we'll enjoy hanging out and playing games together! If you're interested in giving a lightning talk (10-15 minutes) on any topic, just reach out to Jennifer McGee or Luke Wallace through meetup.

See you there!


*AutoML Vision
Accurately detecting cancer cells in slide images is an area of active
research. Most of the published research uses systems created for a
specific type of cancer. This presentation compares the results from
models developed using commercial software designed to be useful in a
variety of settings (Google's AutoML and Microsoft's Custom Vision) to
a recently published study that created a model to detect one type of

Owen Remidez is a student at the Coppell High School Ninth Grade Campus. He spends his free time playing Minecraft.

*Firebase Services
The presentation will cover how to implement Firebase services into an existing app. This will cover Firebase Authentication, allowing users to sign into your app with their email address and a unique password. The presentation will also cover Firebase Firestore, a real-time database that can be integrated into your Android app, iOS app, or web app."

Matthew Timmons works at Code Authority as a software developer, specializing in Android. Matt has gained most of his Firebase experience while working on a personal project that is used to track the releases of upcoming movies, videogames, and concerts.

*Chrome Dev Tools