Pacific Region DevFest 2022

All the GDGs in Pacific region are combining efforts to host a Pacific Region DevFest on Nov 3, 2022. This will be a hybrid, multi-track events where we'll hear about topics from web, cloud, etc. More details to come soon.

Nov 3, 2022, 8:00 – 11:00 PM


Key Themes


About this event

01:00 PM — 01:10 PM


01:10 PM — 01:25 PM

Keynote by Priyanka Vergadia

01:25 PM — 01:30 PM


01:30 PM — 01:45 PM

Women Techmakers Panel

01:45 PM — 01:50 PM



01:50 PM — 02:10 PM

State of Angular or Mobile with the Modern Web - Mark Thompson


01:50 PM — 02:10 PM

Using Cloud Storage to reduce Google Workspace license costs by Mark Johnson

I will demo how you can backup data from Workspace into Google Cloud Storage

02:10 PM — 02:15 PM


02:15 PM — 02:35 PM

A survey of the state of the art in language models for code by Daniel Goncharov

Large language models trained on code have shown very promising results! This talk will cover what work is being done by the research community in this area. An overview of the state-of-the-art in this area, as well as recent work done by DeepMind, Google Research, Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft Research will be presented.


02:15 PM — 02:35 PM

Lit CSS is Super-powered - Justin Fagnani

Lit's CSS system combines several web platform features to provide one of the fastest, lightweight and most powerful styling systems out there. Learn how Lit's CSS system provides scoping, modules and shared styles, variables, automatic bundler support, and lets you build your own abstractions with functions and JavaScript. And it's all available with no build system, using standard CSS syntax, and it's built with just dozens of lines of JavaScript.

02:35 PM — 02:40 PM


02:40 PM — 03:00 PM

An intro to GRPC with Go - Easwar S.

A gentle introduction to gRPC, beginning with underlying concepts and ending with a couple of demos.


02:40 PM — 03:00 PM

Similarity-based machine learning - Hannes Hapke

In this talk, Hannes Hapke, lead machine learning engineer from Digits introduces similarity based machine learning. He’ll explain how Digits is using similarity learning to build the next generation of finance tools. Hannes shares the team’s learning about the implementation, training, deployment, production aspects and how the team integrated the product end-to-end with Google Cloud.

03:00 PM — 03:05 PM


03:05 PM — 03:25 PM

Generative Art & Design with TensorFlow - Margaret

This talk provides an introduction of how AI can be used to assist and inspire the artists and designers in their creative space. You will also learn how to use advanced features of TensorFlow 2.x, Keras and TensorFlow Lite to train and deploy models to applications. This talk is for anyone: data scientists, ML engineers, artists or designers who are interested in applying deep learning models for generative art & design. Topics covered: - Generative art and design - TensorFlow 2.x and Keras - TensorFlow Lite and on-device ML


03:05 PM — 03:25 PM

Simeon with Chrome Extensions

03:25 PM — 03:30 PM


03:30 PM — 03:50 PM

Real-time Machine Learning - Chloe He

What is real-time machine learning, the state of real-time machine learning, its infrastructural challenges, and possible solutions.


03:30 PM — 03:50 PM

Simplifying Angular with Standalone Components - Jessica Janiuk

Angular now has Standalone Components, and this back to the future themed talk will teach you all about how they work.

03:50 PM — 04:55 PM

Wrap up & Giveaways


  • Matt Kaufman

    MK Partners

    GDG Organizer

  • Emily Anderson

    Blue Shield of California

    Senior Application Developer

  • James Henderson


    Android Engineer

  • Marsha Swallow


    Technical Project Manager

  • Jim Hutson

    IDG, Inc.

    Director, IT Solutions Data Team

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