ML Extravaganza

GDG Copenhagen
Thu, Nov 15, 2018, 4:30 PM (CET)

About this event

This time we have a special event as a part of Coldfront community day ( and in collaboration with CopenhagenJS (

Our speakers for this event is going to be:
- Sarah Drasner (
- Tore Knudsen (

16:30 - Arrival
17:00 - Welcome
17:15 - Machine Learning as a design tool by Tore Knudsen
17:45 - Break
18:15 - Live and Machine Learn by Sarah Drasner
18:45 - Networking
20:00 - Goodbye

Machine Learning as a design tool
Machine learning has been a popular area to explore for artists and designers in recent years. As a result, several projects and perspectives have shown how the qualities of ML can be used to develop new design tools and relations between designers, technology and end-users.
This talk will present some of these projects and perspectives to demonstrate how new ways of using ML algorithms can facilitate a human-centered design process. A process that both enables quick iterations on the spot, and allows a whole new level of inclusion that invites end-users to creatively engage with technology.

About Tore:
Tore Knudsen is an interaction designer and recent graduate from K3, Malmö University. Most of his work explores how we can relate to and interact with technology in new ways. Recently ML has played a big role in his projects, one example being Pour Reception which he, together with his co-creators, has exhibited at CLICK festival in Helsingør and The Conference in Malmö.

Live and Machine Learn
The life we live online increasingly informs the way we live offline as well. Businesses live and die through algorithms like SEO, humans are sorted in government systems, and we make large, life-governing decisions through what is shown to us on the web: home buying, where to live, what to eat, and who we're in contact with regularly. The first shift we as web developers saw was people living and learning on the web more and more, which excited us. But as we start to automate those tasks through machine learning algorithms, a lot of us have trepidation. We know systems have flaws, what are the political and social consequences?

In this talk, we'll explore this paradigm shift and some of it's dangers, but we'll also talk about the good impacts technology can bring. Helping people who need it, automating tasks for humans with disabilities, communication for emergency services: the possibilities for positive influence are endless. We'll explore just some of the tools that are out there, how with a little creativity, we can use these technologies for good. We as developers have a voice and chance to make a difference.

Friendly regards
Sherry & Cem