Google IO Extended 2018 Copenhagen

GDG Copenhagen
Tue, May 8, 2018, 5:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Tuesday, the 8th of May, Google kicks off Google I/O with the opening keynote! This is THE biggest event for all developers working with Google technologies - and fun for everyone else!

This years Google I/O Extended is hosted by Trifork in collaboration with GDG Copenhagen!

We want to provide you with the oppertunity of watching the keynote in setting with other like-minded nerds - filling our office with happy and tech-savy people!
Therefore, we really hope that you will be joining us at the Trifork office in Copenhagen for our Google I/O streaming event!

During the night, we will make sure that there are food, drinks and snacks available for all attendees.
The Keynote itself will be projected on our big screen so that everyone can easily follow the exiting announcements! Doors open at 17.30 - so make sure to be there early in order to get the good seats and gt ready for the keynote at 19.00!

At 18:00 Alejandro Montenegro from Google will give a talk about "Doing Machine Learning at Google".

We and TriFork are looking forward to welcoming you to their office for an entertaining and exciting evening full of surprises and announcements from Google!