Flutter Festival 2022 continues in Collab with GDG West Sweden

GDG Copenhagen
Wed, Feb 23, 2022, 5:30 PM (CET)

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We will talk about what's new in flutter and what this festival is all about.

We will go through some hackathon topics.

We talk about the latest 2.10 release and support for windows.

To brush up your skills we will Together on a pomodoro app using Flutter + Firebase as a windows app.

You will be able to get hands-on experience with Flutter and build an app while learning the fundamentals.

Prerequisite before you arrive,

please check the installation on your mac or PC by running https://docs.flutter.dev/get-started/install

> flutter doctor

Then they can enter their personal shipping information and will receive the goods for the given code in a few weeks.

Please fill in this form for Flutter swag


Link to flutter puzzle hack


Free Learning in you own pace - deadline May 1st

Dart - https://www.cloudskillsboost.google/quests/190?qlcampaign=1m-fmbdr-2

Flutter - https://www.cloudskillsboost.google/quests/191?qlcampaign=1m-fmbdr-1

30% discount on code with Andrea - https://nnbd.me/devfestui



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