CBUS ML -- Zero to Hero : Build a Chatbot in minutes with Google Technologies

GDG Columbus
Wed, May 20, 2020, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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About this event

*This event is hosted by the local Columbus Machine Learners Group - please only register here or there https://www.meetup.com/Columbus-Machine-Learners/events/270186205/?_xtd=gqFypzYzMjY0OTGhcKdhbmRyb2lk&from=ref *

**In order to spin up cloud services for this lab we ask you register here also - https://forms.gle/qFawkAiYqRFGMoq69 **

During this workshop, all attendees will have their own dedicated environment and they will learn how to build a Chatbot with all the services and benefits of natural language processing and machine learning with no code. We would use Google's Dialogflow which is one of the hottest & matured computer-human interaction platforms on the market.

In this lab, we would build two chatbots :
i) Covid-19 basic FAQ ChatBot
ii) A chatbot that submits helpdesk tickets which can be extended for analytics on top of Tickets data etc.

We will also cover end-to-end architectures of Advanced ChatBots & its lifecycle

Basics concepts and constructs of the Dialogflow including intent, entity and context
Chatbot workflow
Life of a conversation