Blockchain depths and CES 2018

GDG Columbus
Thu, Jan 18, 2018, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Two parts and a lot of Open discussion. Let’s learn from each other.

First, Blockchain. Pete’s going to share some Blockchain knowledge touching on Bitcoin Script and Ethereum Assembly (Solidity Assembly), Virtual Machine, Web3.js, JSON RPC. Let’s talk about Cryptocurrencies running on the Internet. Come to learn, participate, and share on the depths of Blockchains, peer-to-peer networks, cryptography. Secondly, Google made a big showing with Google Assistant at CES 2018. The battle between Alexa and Assistant has been heating. Let’s chat about what was announced. Some recaps from Intel, Samsung, Nvidia, and others. What did you hear about that was interesting? What did you wish you would have heard about that you didn’t.

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday!