Android and Dagger 2: The most loved/hated dependency injection framework ever

GDG Columbus
Thu, Oct 26, 2017, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Please note the change in date, this is the fourth Thursday rather than the third this month.  Looking forward to seeing you all for this event in October.

Dagger 2: The most loved/hated dependency injection framework ever

Dependency injection on Android is hard. There have been a number of frameworks over the years that have attempted to simplify the application of dependency injection, but none of them are as popular, or as controversial, as Dagger 2.

Dagger 2 is Google’s attempt at creating a dependency injection framework that isn’t based on reflection. Since its release, however, developers have been divided (and Google’s samples didn’t help).

If you’ve avoided Dagger 2 because it seems daunting or you have no idea how to inject a Coffee Maker, please come to this talk! I’ll attempt to demystify Dagger’s Component structures and amaze you with the power of scopes!

About Speaker

Michael Yotive is a software developer at Healthy Roster. He has been programming all around Columbus, OH for the past decade. Though primarily in the .NET world, he has spent the last couple years writing and talking about Android. When he's not programming, writing, or speaking, he can be found at a music venue or tormenting himself at a CrossFit gym.