Backends for frontend developers

GDG Cologne/Bonn
Wed, Jan 15, 2020, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

2020 🎉 Let's learn something new!
At our next meetup, we have a special guest coming all the way from Latvia to Cologne: Pavels Jelisejevs and Alexey Buzdin, Organizer of the GDG Riga!

Talk #1
How to build your pet project with Firebase and Vue.js - Alexey Buzdin

If you would like to build your own Webapp and show it to the World, you would need to build a frontend app, develop a suitable backend, design your own DB and also think about deployments. Quite a tedious work which can discourage a lot of us. In this presentation I want to show how tools like Firebase and Vue.js allows you to start develop an app of your dreams and leave you some time for a good Netflix and chill

Alexey is a passionate developer and trainer that loves to engage people into conversations about IT and tech. He is an organizer of Google Developers Group Riga (, Java User Group Latvia (, Mobile Developers Latvia, annual Riga Dev Day conference ( and a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Talk #2
Backends for Frontends with GraphQL - Pavels Jelisejevs

This talk crosscuts frontend and backend development as we explore the way of how to build better API’s when your application has multiple different user interfaces. Imagine an application that has a web, mobile and watch UI. They all offer different functionality and therefore require access to different information and functions. A default solution in such a situation would be to try to build a generic backend that can be used by all clients. But trying to build a one size fits all solution often backfires and raises multiple questions, e.g.:
- Who owns the API and how to implement changes required by different UI teams?
- What interface to use?
- What if two clients need the same data in different shapes?
- How to optimize the APIs for different clients?
- What to do when the API gets too large?
Having a generic backend for all UI’s leads to mediocre performance, degraded user experience as well as additional communication overheads for the development teams. Seeing how this approach doesn’t work we can go in another direction: build different API services for different clients. Thus enter Sam Newman’s Backend For Frontend pattern that inroduces the idea of having a separate backend for each type of UI in your application. Add the newly popular GraphQL API on on top, and you now have the means to take this pattern to a whole new level. During this talk we will explore how using the BFF pattern and GraphQL can help us address the quetions we’ve listed before and improve our overall application architecture.

Pavels Jelisejevs. Full-stack developer and architect. Interested in cloud technologies, integration patterns and protocols, frontend and backend development. I actively participate in development as well as bootstrapping projects, mentoring teams and consulting on various topics. Enjoy speaking at conferences and other events.

Before, between and after the talks we have enough time for networking. Cologne Intelligence is sponsoring 🍕&🍻

Cologne Intelligence - Marie-Curie-Straße 10, 51103 Köln (rechtsrheinisch)

Wednesday 15th January 2020 - 7:00 p.m.