Kotlin/Everywhere Coimbra

GDG Coimbra
Tue, Oct 1, 2019, 6:30 PM (WEST)

About this event

This is a series of community-led events, where you can learn the essentials and best practices of Kotlin in Android, Google Cloud Platform, and multi-platform development.

Kotlin is a modern and statically typed programming language targeting the JVM, Android, JavaScript & Native that will boost your productivity and increase your developer happiness.


👉Android meets Kotlin: A love story ❤️(by Manuel Vivo)
I want to talk about the current state of Kotlin on Android, and give you a small glimpse into the future of what modern app development with Android Jetpack looks like.

Manuel Vivo
Manuel is an Android Developer in the Developer Relations team at Google where he works to help other developers succeed.

👉Refactoring Legacy Code with Kotlin (by Ashley Davies)
Legacy code can be quite the challenge to manage, often resulting from untested scenarios, quick fixes, or less than successful initiatives. With few developers wanting to deal with it, it can end up with little remaining knowledge of its inner workings.

We can take many learnings from Michael Feathers book on "Working Effectively with Legacy Code", but we can also use Kotlin migration as an effective tool to leverage the management, reduction, and removal of legacy code in our applications.

In this session, you'll learn how to get started with Kotlin in your projects, tips and tricks on how to preserve your version control history, some pitfalls when migrating from Java, and what new technologies you can make use of in your journey with Kotlin.

Ashley Davies
Google Developer Expert for Android, Lead Software Engineer at ImmobilienScout24, Kotlin enthusiast, Flutter amateur, digital policy advocate, musing over British Tea, & Salt/Vinegar crisps