[Collab Flutter Portugal] Hello Flutter

GDG Coimbra
Fri, Mar 29, 2019, 7:00 PM (WET)

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In a collaboration with Flutter Portugal, GDG Coimbra is proud to present this Meetup.

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Welcome to the Flutter community, we work to bring Flutter developers together and welcome new developers. There will be talks, workshops, and showcases, at various cities in Portugal.

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Welcome all!

Miguel Ruivo
Flutter: a revolution in mobile cross-platform development

Dinner time. Want to come? Please answer here: https://goo.gl/forms/hjw79nCdAD0cDndV2

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In a world full of cross-platform frameworks promising demanding and fast development while at the same time, trying hard to be capable of accomplishing reactive apps with native performances, Google's framework -- Flutter, despite not being an easy, commits to go a step further amongst them.

+ Biography
Miguel Pereira Ruivo is a Flutter developer, currently at Present Technologies. He graduated as Software Engineer from ISEC - Coimbra Institute of Engineering and have soon become particularly interested in mobile development, along its architectures and technologies. Hence, he soon started working with Android & iOS native SDK, being currently entirely devoted to Flutter Google’s framework.
Nevertheless, his tech skills go beyond mobile development, being likewise proficient in languages such as Java, Dart, C# and Obj-C, but also in system level ones, namely C and C++, in which he has been training students, as invited teacher, at ISEC’s and iTGROW’s partnership course for embedded systems — Apostar em TI. Lately, Miguel has also started to be recognised due to his public talks about Flutter.

In his free time, you can find him working out at the gym, travelling the world, delighting himself with his close ones in a sushi restaurant, running up some personal and community Flutter projects or just having a good reading.

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Nest will be our host for this Meetup.

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Twitter GDG Coimbra: https://twitter.com/GDGCoimbra
Twitter Flutter Portugal: https://twitter.com/FlutterPortugal