Samaaja: FOSS for Citizen Empowerment and Engagement

Join us to discover Samaaja, a free, open-source platform revolutionizing citizen engagement. Learn how to build and deploy location-based services to address hyperlocal civic and environmental issues. Hear from experts and community leaders about the power of FOSS for community-driven change.

May 30, 12:30 – 1:30 PM


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About this event

Samaaja: FOSS for Citizen Empowerment and Engagement

Are you passionate about creating positive change in your community? Join us for an in-depth exploration of Samaaja, the free and open-source web application designed to empower citizens and foster civic engagement.

What is Samaaja?

Samaaja (Society) is a revolutionary platform for rapidly building and deploying location-based citizen engagement services. It comes equipped with features like geo-maps, user profiles, report management, APIs, and more, making it the "WordPress of civic engagement." Samaaja's mission is to increase citizen participation at the hyperlocal level, focusing on critical issues like water, sanitation, air quality, and local governance.

Why Samaaja Matters:

Hyperlocal Focus: Addresses the unique needs and challenges of your specific community.

Data-Driven: Empowers communities with hyperlocal data for informed decision-making.

Community-Led: Fosters collaboration and accountability between citizens and elected officials.

Open Source: Accessible, adaptable, and free for everyone to use and improve.

Who Should Attend:

Citizens interested in making a difference in their neighborhoods

Community groups and civil society organizations

Elected officials and government representatives

Tech enthusiasts passionate about civic technology

Anyone curious about the power of open-source software

Featured Speakers:

Gauthamraj Elango: Head of Technology, Reap Benefit Foundation

Anupam Kumar: Sr. Software Engineer, Flowwolf Inc.

During this event, you will:

Gain a deep understanding of Samaaja's capabilities and potential impact.

Learn how to utilize Samaaja to build your own location-based services.

Hear inspiring stories from community leaders using Samaaja for change.

Connect with a network of like-minded individuals passionate about civic engagement.

Discover the broader world of free and open-source software for social good.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the growing movement to empower citizens and build more resilient communities.

Join us and explore how Samaaja can be a catalyst for positive change in your neighborhood!

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  • Gauthamraj Elango

    Reap Benefit Foundation

    Head of Technology

  • Anupam Kumar

    Flowwolf Inc

    Sr. Software Engineer


  • Siddarth Kengadaran



  • Gokul Karthick



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