ML Study Jam - Beginner Track

GDG Coimbatore
Sat, Dec 28, 2019, 9:00 AM (IST)

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About this event

ML Study Jam is a Google Developers' program for developers learning AI/ML technologies for free! In the basic level, developers who joined this program will learn

Session 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
- How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world we live
- Your Role in this rapid AI revolutions
- Evolution of AI
- Rule-Based vs Machine Learning
- Types of Machine Learning
- The steps in practicing Machine Learning
- Overfitting and Bias
- Teachable Machines Demo

Session 2: Neural Networks
- From Machine Learning to Deep Learning
- The Brain Analogy with Neural Networks
- Building Neural Network from Logistic Regression
- Activation Functions
- Online Playground

Session 3: Give computers the power of vision
- Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
- CNN network Architecture
- Demos

Session 4: Face Recognition
- Intro to One-shot learning
- Face Recognition Pipeline
- How it works
- Realtime use cases

Session 5:Conclusion
- Exercises to explore
- Conclusion of day one

Study Jam Facilitator: Maithreyan Kesavan, GoogleAI Explore ML Facilitator


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