Pi Party! with Raspberry Pi!

GDG Coast Lebanon
Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 6:00 PM (EET)

About this event

• What we'll do
It's March 14th so it's time to celebrate all that is Pi related!! We've come to know Pi all so well, from the symbol π that holds a special place in every math enthusiast's heart, to Raspberry Pi, the small computer that caught the makers' world by storm (especially in the field of IoT), to, of course, your traditional pies that no one minds exploring once in a while ;)

As such, Lamba Labs is co-hosting a #PiParty this Wednesday at 6pm, in collaboration with GDG Coast Lebanon and Google Women Techmakers at their HQ. We will be doing a small tribute to the Pi. Then we will be running parallel workshops to explore the Raspberry Pi (there will be levels: beginner and intermediate).

Places are limited (20 seats), and will be on basis of registration (or first come first serve if registered people did not show up). Priority will be given for Lamba Labs Members (extra 10 seats reserved for them). Registration link will be provided shortly.

• What to bring
Hardware will be supplied by us, but please bring your laptops with NOOBS (for beginner workshops), Raspbian (for more advanced workshops), and IDLE Python programming terminal downloaded. We will be uploading a shared URL soon to retract all required material for the workshops.

• Important to know
Complete hardware and programming beginners are welcomed, but basic knowledge in networks and concepts of programming are preferred.