BAU Mobile Application Fair

GDG Coast Lebanon
Fri, Apr 27, 2018, 9:30 AM (EEST)

About this event

The event will be of mutual benefit for the students, alumni, and participating organizations alike. It provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to present their ideas and applications to put them in real. The first electronic mobile applications fair is an event that embraces the talents specialized in the field of electronic applications, and focuses on the innovation and creativity. It opens the door to Beirut Arab University graduates to deliver their ideas and applications to the world. In addition to the focus on the new issues in the programming of mobile applications and follow the global electronic market and the technical investment part in the revival of this field.

• Detailed schedule:
09:30 am Welcoming and Registration

10:00 am Event Opening

10:45 am Introduction to UX
Speech by: Loubna Ibrahim

11:30 am Android Clean Architecture
Speech by: Mohammad Touban

12:00 pm Torch SAL
Speech by: Dr. Ghinwa Jalloul

12:30 pm Coffee Break

01:40 pm Introduction to Kotlin
Speech by: Ahmad Al-Sharif

02:30 pm Delivering Certificates for participants