All Girls Code!

GDG Coast Lebanon
Thu, Aug 17, 2017, 11:15 AM (EEST)

About this event

Past Event Closed now 8-Aug

AllGirlsCode is an initiative that aims at providing girls with hands-on coding experience and empowering them to embark on career in STEM.


  • Abdul Rahman Masri Attal

    Abdul Rahman Masri Attal

    GDG Organizer

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  • Riham Zeidan

    Riham Zeidan

    GDG Coast Lebanon

    GDG Organizer || GDSC Mentor

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  • Zena Kamel

    Zena Kamel


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  • Ahmad Zein

    Ahmad Zein

    GDG Coast Lebanon


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  • Zaynab Atwi

    Zaynab Atwi

    Islamic Uuniversity of Lebanon

    GDG Team Member

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  • Mahmoud Mashoun

    Mahmoud Mashoun

    GDG Organizer || GDSC || Software Developer

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  • Alaa Zaiter

    Alaa Zaiter

    EI Technologies

    Software Engineer

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  • Yasmine Noueihed

    Yasmine Noueihed

    GDG Coast Lebanon, WTM


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  • Layale Matta

    Layale Matta

    Neo Technologies

    Android Engineer

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  • Elie Hannouch

    Elie Hannouch

    MUG Champion | GDG Organizer | GDSC Founder

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  • Hadi Chahine

    Hadi Chahine


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  • Ayman Hamdan

    Ayman Hamdan


    Lead software developer

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  • Fatima Baher

    Fatima Baher

    WTM Ambassador

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  • Marilyn Haber

    Marilyn Haber


    GDSC Lebanon Facilitator || Software Developer

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