Front-end Frameworks, Back-end Databases, and GraphQL

GDG Cluj-Napoca
Wed, Jun 2, 2021, 6:00 PM (EEST)

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About this event

 With more than 100M pulls, the Hasura GraphQL Engine has become an increasingly popular way to instantly generate GraphQL endpoints on your data stored in Postgres. But what happens when you refactor the core to generalize interfaces, add additional databases, and supplement existing features? In this talk Adron Hall will share the story of GraphQL broadly, through the lens of Hasura, and do so in a way that speaks to a variety of experience levels and technical abilities.You will learn:

 - What are the technical considerations you should be aware of when evaluating your own API strategy?

 - How did Hasura approach such a major refactor?

 - Where do you get started when wanting to use GraphQL with the frontend framework of your choice