Corana Check-In Happy Hour

GDG Cloud Tucson
Thu, Jun 25, 2020, 5:00 PM (MST)

2 RSVP'ed

About this event

Hey there Cloud Developers!

It's been a crazy few months watching the world around us change drastically in so many ways...

- the Bighorn Fire ominously glowing deep-orangered each night
- the reactions of millions around the world to injustices
- the ever-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

As we are by and large, an industry fortunate enough to be accustomed to using technology to interface with one another, it is our hope that you and your loved ones have been weathering the storm and able to remain safe and well throughout these challenging past months.

While we had a glimmer of hope to meeting up at Dragoon or another brewery in person once more, I hope you can understand our desire to act as an example to others and avoid advocating for public gatherings at this time.

With wildfire and viruses raging around us, it seems like as a good time as any to take a moment to grab a beer, scoot our chairs over a few centimetres, straighten out those backs, and approve the webcam permission for the 5th time today -- and enjoy the company of your fellow engineers, preferably over a cold one of your choice.

It is a bit short notice, but hopefully, you can stop by for even a minute or two and say hello. Perhaps for some, it is a good reason to do a contactless order from your favorite brewery or bottle shop 😉

The Google Meet link is available to those who RSVP, and as an amendment to our Community Code of Conduct, please throw some pants on, just to be safe!

Thanks to Google for providing us organizers with a sponsored community account, we can host virtual meetups via Google Meet without any of the personal edition requirements (and hopefully, not having to admit everyone one-by-one).