Virtual Watch Party: Google Cloud Next ‘23 Keynote

Join us virtually at the Google Cloud Next '23 watch party. Experience real-time commentary, engaging discussions, and deep insights into Google Cloud's latest innovations.

Aug 29, 2023, 3:45 – 5:30 PM


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About this event

Join us virtually at the Google Cloud Next '23 watch party. This interactive, virtual event promises a live, insightful walkthrough of the main keynote, inviting attendees from around the globe to collectively experience and decipher the latest innovations and offerings from Google Cloud.

Engage with our hosts and fellow community members through live commentary and discussions to bring a fresh and engaging perspective to the main event. With a myriad of voices in our community, expect a wide range of interpretations and insights into Google Cloud's newest breakthroughs.

Get ready to connect, interact, and explore the most exciting aspects of Google Cloud Next '23 through this unique digital experience. The watch party promises a blend of expert opinions, real-time reflections, and lively interactions that will elevate your understanding and appreciation of the event's highlights. 

The following amazing people will be online to interact with you:

On-site from Moscone Center

✅ Yuliia Tkachova, CEO at Masthead Data,

✅ Alfons Muñoz, Director of Community Managers at C2C,

✅ Chris Willis, Customer Engineer at Google,

✅ Kyle Murley, Customer Engineer at #Google,

Online from their home

✅ Ryna V, Senior QA Software Engineer at Intetics and Moderator at C2C,

✅ Andy Yates, Head of Technology, Corporate Strategy at Thoughtworks, and Team Leader at C2C UK & Ireland group,

✅ Valdecir Carvalho, Community Manager at C2C,

✅ Dimitris Petrakis, Community Manager at C2C.

This event is co-hosted with C2C, the Google Cloud Customer Community.


  • Ilias Papachristos

    Ahead of Tech

    GDG Organizer

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