How Uses Google Cloud Run for GDPR-Compliant Tracking

GDG Cloud Thessaloniki
Tue, Jan 24, 5:00 PM (EET)

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About this event is a cross-platform weather forecasting portal and one of the leading publishers in Germany, with millions of unique users. The site’s Android app is ranked #1 in the DACH region's Google Play store weather category, thanks to its accurate weather information and delivery of a great user experience. evaluated Google Cloud’s server-side tracking methods and provisioned App Engine for a flexible server, improved GDPR compliance, and strengthened data quality. The company created a subdomain to place its endpoint URL in a first-party context and replaced its Google analytics endpoint with this custom endpoint for all website tracking requests. As a result, observed a 2% uplift in previously lost visits due to various blockers.

But, as a weather-based product,'s request volume is seasonal and can incur immediate spikes. Tracking this traffic with App Engine was a challenge, because nearly 90% of the available production instances were already in constant use.

To solve this problem, switched to a different Google Cloud solution: Cloud Run. Compared to App Engine, Cloud Run allows for more instances, works on-demand, and keeps a minimum number of idle instances ready to serve when a sudden request spike occurs.

Join us virtually to learn why Cloud Run was ultimately the best solution for the company's business model. Our speakers will provide details about:

How provisioned the server container

Which factors to consider when choosing Google Cloud products

How to start a migration project, especially if you are considering moving your tracking to the server side