GDG Cloud Sydney Jul Meetup

Google Sydney - 1 Darling Island Road Pyrmont, 2009 - View Map GDG Cloud Sydney
Tue, Jul 25, 5:45 PM (AEST)

About this event

GDG Cloud Sydney is back at Google Sydney for a technical meetup this July in Sydney! Join us for a technical meetup

Come Hire!:

There are 10 minutes dedicated to the meetup for hirers to advertise their recruitment and for job seekers to promote themselves to those hirers.

This meetup is in the in-person format, there are no plans to stream the event*

This meetup is organised in partnership with Dented Code.

"Dented Code teaches coding skills that you need to become a full stack developer and help you advance your career, pursue your dream job, or enjoy the freedom of life as a freelancer." - Learn more on their website.

Talk 1: Enhance Knowledge Graph with Generative AI Features in Google Cloud Vertex AI By Payam Mokhtarian

Summary: TBC

Talk 2: Exploring generative AI with Bard By Gwenny Warnick

To what extent should we use generative AI in our daily lives and jobs? How can we use it effectively? Investigate these questions and more with Gwenny as she takes us through use cases and pros/cons relating to Bard. Beginners welcome.

About the speakers

Payam Mokhtarian

Payam is a seasoned expert in machine learning and AI, with a PhD in Machine Learning and over a decade of industry experience. Having worked in telecommunications, digital native companies, financial services and insurance, gaming, and cyber security, Payam possesses a diverse background. Throughout the past decade, Payam has been instrumental in helping organisations establish data science functions and scalable machine learning practices. More recently, he has been working on leveraging generative AI capabilities into enterprise readiness solutions to empower organisations to harness knowledge graphs for generative AI insights and recommendations that are more accurate, transparent, and explainable.

Gwenny Warnick

Gwenny is a cloud engineer with a passion for DevOps and SRE. Currently working as a Principal Engineer/DevOps Coach in Melbourne, Australia, she loves supporting teams to become high performing, inclusive, and operationally mature. She is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and has spoken across the globe on cloud computing.

Event Schedule:

5:45pm - Event doors open

6:15pm - Introduction and hiring connect for those hiring/wanting to be hired (5 for each group and every individual gets 1 min max)

6:30pm - Enhance Knowledge Graph with Generative AI Features in Google Cloud Vertex AI By Payam Mokhtarian

7:00pm - Speaker 1 question time

7:10pm - Introduce speaker 2

7:15pm - Exploring generative AI with Bard by Gwenny Warnick

7:45pm - Speaker 2 question time

8:00pm - Event end


Tuesday, Jul 25
5:45 PM - 8:15 PM (AEST)


Google Sydney
1 Darling Island Road Pyrmont2009