Australian Google Cloud Run Hackathon

GDG Cloud Sydney
Fri, Sep 9, 10:00 AM (AEST)

About this event

Ever been in a water fight where you move around and playfully spray others with water? If not, try it someday! But for now instead of risking getting wet, you can build a small, network accessible service (a microservice) that will take part in an epic water fight against other microservices.

You might be wondering...but how does a microservice spray water at other microservices? A microservice can receive network requests (usually over HTTP) and return responses. There is an "arena manager" that will send your microservice the current state of the arena and then your microservice will respond with a command specifying what to do.

You and other participants will run the microservices on Google Cloud Run, the Google managed serverless platform, which allows you to focus on the application logic instead of building container / k8s / infrastructure. Therefore you can build an unbeatable microservice in such a short time frame, and most importantly, to win the battle.


  • Kickoff and Introductions
  • Setup & First Deploy on Cloud Run
  • Develop your Microservice
  • Qualifying Games
  • Final Game
  • Wrap up

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