GDG Cloud Southlake #33: Boule & Rebala: Effective AppSec in SDLC using Deployment Firewall and DBOM

Effective Application Security in Software Delivery lifecycle using Deployment Firewall and DBOM Can you protect yourself from software supply chain attacks?

May 29, 9:30 – 11:30 PM



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Effective Application Security in Software Delivery lifecycle using Deployment Firewall and DBOM

The modern software delivery process (or the CI/CD process) includes many tools, distributed teams, open-source code, and cloud platforms. Constant focus on speed to release software to market, along with the traditional slow and manual security checks has caused gaps in continuous security as an important piece in the software supply chain. Today organizations feel more susceptible to external and internal cyber threats due to the vast attack surface in their applications supply chain and the lack of end-to-end governance and risk management.

The software team must secure its software delivery process to avoid vulnerability and security breaches. This needs to be achieved with existing tool chains and without extensive rework of the delivery processes. This talk will present strategies and techniques for providing visibility into the true risk of the existing vulnerabilities, preventing the introduction of security issues in the software, resolving vulnerabilities in production environments quickly, and capturing the deployment bill of materials (DBOM).


Bob Boule

Robert Boule is a technology enthusiast with PASSION for technology and making things work along with a knack for helping others understand how things work. He comes with around 20 years of solution engineering experience in application security, software continuous delivery, and SaaS platforms. He is known for his dynamic presentations in CI/CD and application security integrated in software delivery lifecycle.

Gopinath Rebala

Gopinath Rebala is the CTO of OpsMx, where he has overall responsibility for the machine learning and data processing architectures for Secure Software Delivery. Gopi also has a strong connection with our customers, leading design and architecture for strategic implementations. Gopi is a frequent speaker and well-known leader in continuous delivery and integrating security into software delivery. 



Wednesday, May 29, 2024
9:30 PM – 11:30 PM UTC


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  • Bob Boule


    VP Product

  • Gopinath Rebala




  • James Anderson


    Sr. Director, Enterprise Architecture


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  • Jim Anderson


    GDG Cloud Southlake Chief Organizer

  • Kenny Kon


    Director Reliability Engineering

  • Ramji Balasubramanian

    American Airlines

    Sr Director - Data Analytics & Engineering

  • Diwakar Pandrangi

    Sabre Holdings

    Director SRE

  • Yujun Liang


    Cloud Architect

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