OnTheCloud #15 - Learn GCP Compute from a World Record Holder for calculating Pi

If you have used Google Cloud, chances are that you would have used Compute Engine before. Join us and our speaker, Emma Haruka Iwao, on an informative session on news and tips of this Cloud tool.

Mar 27, 2021, 2:30 – 4:00 AM


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Another month, another exciting event! This month, we have Emma Haruka Iwao, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform, who will be sharing with us on her exciting topic.

Topic: What's new with Compute Engine and why it matters

Compute Engine is one of the fundamental building blocks for Google Cloud, and not only you can use it directly, but also runs other managed services like Google Kubernetes Engine. In this talk, we will discuss the latest enhancements of the virtual machine product, including new machine types, improved performance, and security. You will be able to optimize resources on GCE.


Emma is a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform based in Seattle, focusing on computing products, performance optimization, and high performance computing. She has been a C++ developer for more than 15 years and worked on embedded systems and the Chromium Project. Besides software engineering, she likes games, traveling, and eating delicious food.

Livestream link: https://youtu.be/XLcAMdeEGj8

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  • Emma Iwao


    Developer Advocate


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  • Weiyuan Liu


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