Solidity Coding Jam: Write your first Hello World Smart Contract

Write your first Hello World Smart Contract

Sep 17, 2022, 12:00 – 2:00 PM


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​All Devs are welcome!

​By popular demand, Metaschool is bringing back its live coding camp for the global dev community.

​The best way to learn Web3 is to buidl on it!

​Event Information

​​In this live coding camp, we will write a smart contract on Solidity and deploy it on the Blockchain network! You can take a sneak peek of the course here.

​​🚨 Who should join: Developers, Web3 enthusiasts and those with no dev/code experience but want to grasp on to Web3 concepts!

🚨 Prerequisites:

1. Basics of any programming language

2. VScode & Node installed in your machine

3. A laptop with Zoom installed & a decent internet connection

🎁 What do you get?

⚡ Learn Web3 in real-time with so many others

⚡ Meet an amazing, supportive community

All participants will get exclusive NFTs dropped to their metamask wallet upon course completion, these free NFTs will unlock opportunities for:

​​🔥 Joining an inner circle of metaschool & discussing roadmap with community

🔥 Whitelisting opportunities

​​🔮 Visit website:


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