Fairness & Ethics In AI: Perspectives From Journalism, Medicine and Translation

Join Kalev Leetaru, Mallika Iyer & Samuel Marks for a discussion on Fairness & Ethics In AI: Perspectives From Journalism, Medicine and Translation.

Sep 15, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM


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TODAY. The topic is a discussion on Fairness & Ethics In AI: Perspectives From Journalism, Medicine, and Translation.

Kalev Leetaru Founder of the GDELT Project. One of the leading innovators of the internet era, for more than 20 years Kalev H. Leetaru has been at the forefront of reimagining how we understand our world through some of largest datasets and computing platforms on the planet. His landmark studies have profoundly reshaped the way we use data in the study of human society and even redefined what "big data" is, leading Der Speigel to call him "one of the superstars of the new discipline".

One of Foreign Policy Magazine's Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2013 and a Council Member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government, and past fellow and adjunct faculty at Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Kalev's work has been featured in publications from Nature to the New York Times, along with the press of more than 100 nations and in 2011 The Economist selected his work as one of just five science discoveries deemed the most significant developments of 2011.

From the first study of the geography of social media, which set off the arms race to map Twitter, to the first television show live-controlled by the audience's emotional response to its characters, from the largest deployment of sentiment analysis, to the first deployment of whole-of-earth realtime machine translation, from the first realtime mapping of emotion in social media, to extracting the images of half a billion pages of digitized books spanning 500 years and 1,000 libraries, from the first full-scale maps of the geography and emotion of television news, to the first socio-cultural analysis of the world's academic literature, spanning 50 years and more than 21 billion words, from the first at-scale studies of the entire Internet Archive's 1.7 billion PDFs, to the pioneering use of emotion in forecasting conflict, and the largest global monitoring platform, Kalev's work has fundamentally redefined how we think about information at scale and how we define the boundaries of the "big data" era.

Mallika Iyer Chief Product Officer with deep expertise in bringing maturity and ethics to AI product lines, going from $0 to $100 mil and beyond, and helping the user as we do it.

Samuel Marks I run a software and biomedical engineering consultancy, centred around automation at scale. Open-source and interoperability—cross-platform, cross-language, compilers, multi-ML—focussed, we create technology to scale from 1 to 10,000 servers.

PhD (Medicine) conferred May 2021, focussing on facilitating large-scale medical diagnostic screening.

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  • Dr. Kalev Hannes Leetaru

    Google Developer Expert

  • Mallika Iyer


    Head of Product | Ethical AI Advocate

  • Samuel Marks

    Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School, MEEI. Director of Software Development at Offscale.io.


  • Nadia Tahiri, PhD

    University of Sherbrooke


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