Google I/O Extended 2023 North America

Join us for a captivating dive into the transformative realm of AI-driven search, software development, and online education.

Aug 31, 2023, 5:00 – 11:00 PM


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Join us for a captivating dive into the transformative realm of AI-driven search, software development, and online education. Organized by the Google Developer Group, this virtual event, scheduled for August 31st at 10am PT, brings together six trailblazing speakers to explore the frontiers of technology and education.

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10:00 AM Keynote Address by Peter Norvig

Synopsis: Delve into the intricate confluence of AI-driven search, software development, and online education and reflect upon its implications for developers, educators, and tech enthusiasts. About Peter Norvig: Peter is a Distinguished Education Fellow at Stanford's Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute and a Google researcher. His vast experience ranges from heading Google's core search algorithms group to teaching AI to over 160,000 online students. [Read more](

11:00 AM Using LLMs to Bridge the Fuzzy Human / Digital Computer Boundary

Synopsis: Explore how Large Language Models (LLMs) are bridging the gap between human thought processes and discrete digital operations. Allen will provide insights on using LLMs for tasks such as SQL queries, creating search embeddings, and generating human-friendly responses. About Allen Firstenberg: Allen Firstenberg is a distinguished Google Developer Expert (GDE) with specialties in wearables, Google Assistant, and AI/ML. Allen's dedication to the technological frontier has positioned him as a leader in the developer community. By day, he serves as a Senior Project Engineer at Objective Consulting(, pioneering websites and mobile applications for a wide range of high-profile clients. With a foundation in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Allen continually strives to bridge the gap between personal experiences and digital innovation, championing tools and technologies that redefine the boundaries of what's possible.

11:30 AM Envisioning Navigation: Harnessing AI for Assistive Solutions

Synopsis: Navigating the development of an assistive indoor technology for the visually impaired, my PhD journey intersected with Google's advanced tools. Tasked with optimizing location accuracy on budget smartphones, I integrated methodologies reminiscent of those in autonomous vehicle systems. The application utilized TensorFlow Lite's version of YOLO from GCP for obstacle detection, enhanced with transfer learning to widen object recognition capabilities. Google's text-to-speech and speech recognition APIs became pivotal, filling the gap in my resource constraints. This talk underscores the power of leveraging accessible tools in creating impactful, innovative tech solutions, while offering insights into the practical challenges and successes of my endeavor. About Roya Kandalan: Need Bio Roya is a research scientist who is passionate about advancing artificial intelligence technologies. She is particularly interested in computer vision and pattern recognition and has developed machine learning solutions for a variety of applications, including healthcare, assistive technology, and security. Roya is also an advocate for women's rights. She is a Google Women's Techmaker Ambassador and a Google Developer Group organizer. She uses these platforms to encourage women to pursue careers in science and technology. /

12:00 PM Automatic Generation of Grammar-Agnostic Visualizations and Infographics using Large Language Models

Synopsis: Delve into the fascinating realm of visualization generation with LIDA, a tool that seamlessly integrates LLMs and Image Generation Models (IGMs). Victor will explore the challenges, designs, and innovations in the world of LLM-enabled visualization tools. About Victor Dibia: Victor is a Principal Research Software Engineer specializing in Generative AI. He has been recognized multiple times for his innovative research and contributions to computational social science and applied machine learning. [Read more](

12:30 PM GenAI: An Unreliable Information Store...and What to Do About It

Synopsis: Embark on an enlightening journey with Noble as he tackles the challenges of integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into enterprise environments. Understand the inherent unreliability of these models and explore innovative solutions, ranging from vector databases to prompt chaining, that aim to enhance the trustworthiness of LLMs in crucial applications. About Noble Ackerson: An authority on data ethics and emergent technology, Noble is at the forefront of applied AI integration at Ventera Corporation, Virginia. His illustrious career boasts accolades as an AI Product Manager, Google Design Sprint Master, and former Google Developers Expert. With a legacy of crafting award-winning mobile and advanced analytics solutions, Noble's passion extends to mentoring underrepresented communities. [Read more](

1:00 PM AI - Built by Open-source

Synopsis: Open-source is helping AI become more aligned, trustworthy, accessible and creating opportunities at a scale we’ve never experienced before. The future of AI is open and bountiful… will you be a part of it? About Madeleine Shang: Maddie Shang is a Sr. ML / Research Engineer in industry, published author / researcher and seasoned open-source AI leader, with 6+ years of experience in ML R&D. She was named as one of the 100 brilliant women in AI Ethic in 2022. Her areas of interest include generative models, NLP and Human <> AI interactions. She was also a 2x startup founder, a Blockchain educator/researcher, Founder of Women Who Code - Data Science, and technical advisor and consultant for various startups and nonprofits such as She completed her degree in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo and has completed CFA L3.


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