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Kaggle is the world's leading DataScience, ML and AI Platform! This community will take you to the top in your professional development! From the hand of our Kaggle Director and mentor; know all the benefits for our Latin community!

30 jul 2023 3:30–4:45


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🎥🤖 Discover the exciting world of Machine Learning and Data Science at Kaggle! 📊

🔍In this video, you'll dive into the leading data science platform, Kaggle. 🏆 You'll learn everything you need to know to start your journey into the fascinating field of machine learning and data analytics. 💻

📈You'll learn how to access Kaggle, participate in exciting data science competitions, and collaborate with a global community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. 👥

🌍We will explore together the powerful tools Kaggle offers for working with datasets, creating Machine Learning models, and how to take advantage of collaboration to accelerate your learning and growth in this area. 🚀

💡So, if you're ready to dive into the exciting universe of Machine Learning and Data Science, you can't miss this video! 🎉

📺Remember to subscribe to the channel and leave your comments and questions so we can continue to explore together this exciting world of data science. see you in the video! 🤗👋 


  • Claudia Reyes


  • Claudia Reyes


  • Claudia Reyes


  • Claudia Reyes


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  • Isabel Reyes

    GDG Cloud sabana Cundinamarca

    Data and Machine Learning Engineer

  • Emma Lush

    GDG Sabana

    Product Designer & UX Writer

  • Erika Paola Holguin Ontiveros

    ML Engineer

  • David Alejandro Medina Ruiz

    Software Engineer

  • Angela García


    Data Engineer