Google Apps Script - An underdog within the Dev ecosystem

GDG Cloud Pune
Sat, May 16, 2020, 6:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Google Apps Script (GAS) is a rapid application development scripting language. Any that is person looking to enhance their productivity and simplify their virtual workload, GAS is a prerequisite and your first go-to solution.

We think that App Script is just one of Google's Secrets. The underdog product from G Suite has been out for over a decade. This powerful JavaScript tool unleashes the magic hidden underneath spreadsheets. The spreadsheets are a core part of every business and they are used every single day, but little do we know that they are capable of more than just number crunching.

This upcoming webinar on G Suite: Google Apps Script is a glimpse of the underdog product within Google's Dev ecosystem. Here's what will be covered in the webinar:

- Understanding Google Apps Script
- What can Apps Script be used as
- Explore a few use-cases
- Live demo
- Where and how to ask for help
- Q & A

About the instructor:

Sourabh Choraria
Google Developer Expert, G Suite

Sourabh has always been good with Spreadsheet formulas. G Suite tools made it so much easier and seamless to connect one another and build stuff the way any product/engineering team would. This inspired him to connect different SaaS tools that have APIs or other forms to integrate too.

He started with creating a Data Studio community connector and also successfully publish an add-on to the G Suite Marketplace. All of this led him to start a small, local group too - 'Apps Script Community, Bangalore' which helped individuals and teams from the non-tech realm (& all others as well) to start exploring the possibilities to simplify much of their manual workflows.