ML 101 on Google Cloud Platform

GDG Cloud Ottawa
Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 12:00 PM (EDT)

20 RSVP'ed

About this event

The event is being co-hosted by GDG Cloud Ottawa team. Please, proceed to RSVP on the GDG Cloud Montreal event on the link below.

Machine Learning is growing in popularity rapidly but having the skills to build and use AI/ML in a scalable way can be a challenge. Learn how Google Cloud makes ML more accessible for users of all levels. Google Provides a wide variety of AI capabilities from Pre-Trained AI Building Blocks, AutoML for point an click SOTA results, BigQuery ML for adhoc analysis in your Data Warehouse and the Cloud AI Platform to operationalize bespoke machine learning models. We will overview these offerings and demonstrate the ease of AutoML to get high quality models for tabular data, NLP and vision tasks.


  • Carlos Timoteo

    Carlos Timoteo

    Searce Canada Inc

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Ayrat Khayretdinov

    Ayrat Khayretdinov

    Google Cloud

    Customer Engineer, Hybrid Specialist

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  • Bjoern Rost

    Bjoern Rost

    Google Cloud

    Data Specialist Customer Engineer

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  • Chris Carty

    Chris Carty


    Customer Engineer, Public Sector

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    University of Ottawa

    PhD Candidate

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  • Xinli Cai

    Xinli Cai

    Canadian Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation

    Geospatial Cloud Developer

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  • Naz Zarreen Oishie

    Naz Zarreen Oishie


    Softwere Developer

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  • Chris Carty

    Chris Carty

    Team Member

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