Discover Computing: Machine Learning with Teachable Machine

This event is for High School students and their parents in celebration od CSEdWeek!

Dec 19, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 AM


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About this event

🌐 CSEdWeek is all about inspiring students to learn, creating awareness about tech opportunities, and advocating for equity. It's an inclusive celebration of coding, innovation, and the power of education.

Each year Google supports Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) worldwide.

📅 This year we're excited to share that as part of the Google community, we're bringing it right to your doorstep! 💻

Join the session here:

👩‍🏫 Our trained Women Techmakers (WTM) trainers will run one-hour sessions to celebrate CSEdWeek with you. It's an opportunity for young students, parents, and teachers to come together and explore the exciting world of computer science.

🙌 Who can join us? High School students, parents, and teachers—everyone is welcome to be a part of this enriching experience.

Let's make CSEdWeek memorable together, as we promote tech education and ensure that opportunities in computer science are accessible to all!


  • Rahatara Ferdousi

    University of Ottawa

    Women Techmaker Ambassador

  • Naz Zareen Oishie


    Software Developer



    University of Ottawa

    PhD Candidate

  • Naz Zarreen Oishie


    Softwere Developer

  • Eslin Üstün

    Event Organizer

  • Erica Silva

    Salesforce l

    Project Manager

  • Faisal Mohd

    University of Ottawa

    Event Organizer

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