Generative AI with Google Cloud

Google Gurgaon - Signature Towers, Tower B, Sector 15 Part 2, Village Silokhera, Gurugram, Haryana 122001, Gurugram, 122002

Discover how Google Cloud's cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing content generation across art, music, and more. Join experts to explore real-world applications and the endless possibilities of Generative AI.

Sep 15, 2023, 5:00 – 10:00 AM


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About this event

Join us for an immersive exploration into the world of Generative AI with Google Cloud. This groundbreaking event delves into cutting-edge technology that is reshaping industries and creativity alike. Discover how Google Cloud's advanced Generative AI tools are transforming the way we generate content, from art and music to text and design. Engage with leading experts and innovators as they unveil the latest developments, share real-world applications, and discuss the future possibilities of this revolutionary field. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a developer, an artist, or simply curious about the potential of AI-generated content, this event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights, network, and foster a deeper understanding of Generative AI powered by Google Cloud.

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  • Neelam Pawar


    Cloud Solution Architect

  • Antrixsh Gupta

    GDG Organizer


  • Amen Tyagi

    GDG Cloud New Delhi

    GDG Organizer

  • Ujjawal Poonia

    GDG Cloud New Delhi


  • Deepansh Singh

    Team Computers

    Cloud Engineer

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