Spanner, or "Let's Try & Break the CAP Theorem", starring Reza,Sami and Deepti

GDG Cloud Netherlands
Tue, Sep 19, 2017, 6:15 PM (CEST)

About this event

Spanner: Globally replicated, strongly consistent, relational database. Such a thing only exists inside Google!

Reza Rokni, "Spanner: Let's Try and  Break the CAP Theorem!"

Reza Rokni and Sami Zuhuruddin are Cloud Platform Solution Architects, and Google's experts on Spanner. They'll give a talk about how Spanner works under the covers, how you use it in your applications, and the kind of things you can accomplish

Special moment: The Product Manager Cloud Spanner Deepti Srivastava will be joining live from Mountain View to talk about the Future of Spanner.

Brainstorming: We've limited our ideas of what we can do with global applications based on the CAP theorem's challenges around data. What can we do, now that we can break (okay Bend) the CAP theorem?

Beers & Pizza: Sponsored by our friends at Rockstars IT!


18:00 - Doors open. Pizza & Drinks, socializing

18:45 - Reza Rokni & Sami, "Spanner - let's try and break the CAP Theorem!"

19:45 - Socializing, then structured brainstorming

20:00- Live Hangout with Deepti Srivastava on the Future of Spanner

21:00 - Closing time!