Practical Machine Learning on Google Cloud

GDG Cloud Netherlands
Thu, Oct 31, 2019, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

October 31st we're heading to the GoDataDriven office in Amsterdam for talks about Machine Learning and bigdata on Google cloud. This meetup takes place right after the Google day of GoDataFest. More information:

Tea Stojanovic - ML on Google Cloud: from idea to production.
Ever wondered what it will take to get started with machine learning and take that idea al the way to production? Why does GCP have so many different products? What do they do? How do they work together? In this talk Tea will take us through a journey on what it takes to get your machine learning idea into production. We will do a complete flow of available products and what are the used for - from getting and preparing the data, storing it, building a model and displaying it, matched with corresponding products for each step. Tailored to beginners.

Constantijn Visinescu - Getting SQL data into your datalake at scale.
Lots of data lives in traditional SQL databases. For good reason because to this day they're a great solution for building and running applications. However getting that all that data into your datalake for machine learning and big data analytics quickly becomes non trivial once you do it at scale. In this talk Constantijn will show us how to keep your data lake up to date with the latest data from your SQL databases, in real time and at scale.

17:45 - Doors open & food
18:30 - ML on google cloud: from idea to production.
19:30 - Getting SQL data into your data lake at scale.
20:30 - Networking & open discussion
21:00 - End of event