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Womentechmakers - Algorithms & Data Structure study session

GDG Cloud London
Sat, Sep 26, 2020, 4:01 PM (BST)

3 RSVP'ed

About this event

Hey! I hope you and the important people in your life are doing well during this challenging times.

Shall we study algorithms & data structure together?


16:00 - Standup: state which problems you're going to tackle today.

16:10 - Get to work: mute video/audio and study!

16:50 - Retrospective: share with us what you've achieved, outstanding blockers and questions.


This is a study session for folks who have some knowledge in algorithm & data structures.

There won't be an initial explanation of what Time complexity, Running Time, O(n), Algorithms, data structure or similar concepts are.

It's a focused study session for folks to share what they're working on in an agile way: following standup, work time and retrospective.

Choose an exercise you're going to tackle during the session, some suggestion of websites are: