Tech Talks: Dialogflow + Terraform + Conversational AI + Machine Learning

GDG Cloud London
Tue, Jan 14, 2020, 6:30 PM (GMT)

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About this event

General Monthly Meetup of GDG Cloud London for January 2020.

Tentative agenda:

18:20 - 18:30 - Check in and welcome.

18:40 - Talks

- Networking, drinks, pizzas, sweets and snacks.


1) Pradeep Bhadani - Terraform Modules for GCP Infrastructure

Pradeep Bhadani is an Independent IT Consultant with more than 8-years of experience.
He has extensive experience in building Data Platforms on Cloud and On-premises with great use of automation, delivering technical training.
He is a conceptual thinker who effectively partners with architects and senior management to deliver successful projects.

Company Website:



GitHub: &

Twitter: @bhadanipradeep

2) Dheeraj Bhadani - Voice enabled real time data analysis

Dheeraj is Google Cloud Certified professional. He is a Software Architect and Developer with a keen interest in architecting and implementing practical solutions to facilitate distributed workflows. With more than 15 years of industry experience, he played an integral role in designing many core technologies that allowed several organisations to expand from being a single facility to all the way to becoming a global organisation.

Find him on Twitter: @DheerajBhadani
and on LinkedIn

3) Olga Lugai and Yoyu Li -
Understanding Texts and Images in Cloud-enabled AI Chatbots


AI chatbots are everywhere nowadays. This talk aims to inspire you to take the chatbots to the next level, with the power of the cloud, no matter it is a customer service bot or a conversational game you want to build. In the session, we will walk through a What’s App chatbot, which demonstrates how we built the serverless platform on Google Cloud to process texts and images in multimedia conversations, using Google Cloud AI Building Blocks, such as Cloud Vision and Language APIs, and gain insights using BigQuery and Tableau BI platform. We will also share our experiences and best practices in building an automated build pipeline for solutions like this one.


Yoyu Li
Part-time Artist, Cloud Data Architect from Cloudreach

Olga Lugai
Cloud System Developer from Cloudreach


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